Confucius say:

Why buy from the guy

who does not ride?

Full Service Garage

Same Day Service on Most Repairs

We have a full service garage to repair your moped, ATV or dirt bike. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service. Most places keep your vehicle for a few days at the least and sometimes even a few weeks!

At Jade Moon, we understand that for many people, their moped is their only means of transportation. When your vehicle breaks down it is certainly a disruption of your daily routine and we all need to get back and forth to work or school and wherever else the road may take us. No one wants to figure out transportation for an extended period of time. We have same day service on most moped repairs so that you can get back into the saddle and ride on! Some exceptions including engine overhauls may take 2-3 business days. So sit back in our customer waiting room and relax while your vehicle is repaired on-site.

Pick Up and Delivery

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